I am deeply grateful to work with each and every one of my clients. They inspire me daily and are the reason why I love the work that I do. It is a great honor to share some of their words with you.

flower-small  Coaching Clients

From the first moment I met Teresa, I felt a deep sense of compassion and understanding. Teresa listens without judgment, provides knowledge backed by solid research and experience, and shares ways to connect with your inner wisdom. After every meeting, I walked away with a greater sense of myself, the direction I would like to take, and the tools to create the life of my dreams. She is an amazing coach and has helped me profoundly change my life for the better.
~Claire, stay at home mom

Words cannot describe how incredibly talented Teresa is. She is the ideal coach and truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Her incredibly nurturing and compassionate style makes it easy to work through difficult issues and she provides powerful tools at just the right times to help foster self growth and discovery. After each session I felt like we had made huge breakthroughs on issues and roadblocks in my life that were keeping me from living to my fullest joy and potential. Through our work I was able to move my life in the exact direction I wanted to be headed!
~Lauren, working mom

Teresa is an incredibly compassionate, committed and insightful coach. She has a gift that shines light on thoughts and beliefs I wasn’t consciously aware I had and she does it in such a gentle, honest, and yet very direct way. She provides concrete tools which have allowed me to reevaluate and even change the direction of my thoughts as well as create and reach my goals – I have walked away with so many AHA moments. Her natural abilities combined with her life experiences and education are incredible, but what truly makes her a remarkable coach is how she coaches from the heart and cares so deeply about her clients.
~Laura, working professional

I loved my coaching sessions with Teresa. I found that in addition to her education, she is one of those rare individuals that also has a unique gift for coaching. Teresa’s skill for listening and then honing in on the most significant details necessary for my success was really quite remarkable. I would recommend her to you without reservations and feel very confident you will be pleased with her services.
~Sheila, retired professional

Parenting Class Participants  flower-small

Teresa is a gifted and insightful Parent Educator. She brings to her teachings years of training as an educator and experience as a parent. She’s willing to be vulnerable in sharing her own struggles and challenges which helps others to open up in a safe and supportive environment. From Teresa, I have learned to celebrate my children for who they are and to shine light on my own strengths as a parent rather than dwell on guilt and doubt. I have learned theory and techniques that I can apply to my own parenting and many gems of wisdom that I continue to practice as my children grow. Teresa has helped me become a better, more mindful parent and for that I am so grateful.
~Amy, mom of three

Teresa’s greatest gift is her ability to clearly and authentically understand the struggles and challenges parents face raising children. She knows that there is not one solution for every problem but often multiple approaches that can be tried and she offers different scenarios and choices for all parents. I always leave her seminars with a new understanding and way of looking at things. More importantly, Teresa listens to our concerns and offers us tools to confidently navigate difficult situations in a way that is completely nonjudgmental. She has had a profound impact on my own parenting and countless other parents in our school community and these few words do not adequately express my deep appreciation.
~Sabine, mom of three

I’ve had the privilege of attending Teresa’s parenting classes and they are always incredibly helpful. Each time, I walk away with the ability to be more mindful in my parenting. Teresa relates information to real life and gives examples of how to apply parenting philosophies to our own parenting style. When I ask specific questions about my own son, she gives me language I could use with him and I’m able to apply it right away. I am also a teacher and the concepts Teresa discusses have had the added benefit of helping me find new ways to nurture growth and success in all of my students as well.
~Kira, mom of two and elementary school teacher

Teresa brings an incredible wealth of knowledge, expertise and real life experiences to her parenting classes. I am always amazed at the new information she shares with us from the most current and relevant research. Yet, she does it in a way that is down to earth so that it applies to everyday issues that we are all facing as parents. She has a way of connecting with others and offering just the right kind of information and guidance so that parents walk away from her classes feeling inspired and knowing that they have multiple tools and techniques to draw upon. Simply put, her classes are powerful beyond words.
~Kathy, mom of four

flower-smallEducator Trainings

It was so refreshing to have a professional speak to us who has walked in our shoes. Teresa has spent years as a teacher, counselor and parent and she really gets the many challenges that educators face today. Our teachers walked away with a new set of language and techniques to use in helping children discover their best selves and grow up to be thoughtful and empowered individuals. Her trainings are powerful in their relevance to the lives we live in our classrooms and homes day after day.
~Jacqueline Corey Kennedy, Director, Manchester Family Child Development Center, University of San Diego

Teresa has a remarkable way of applying the latest research to the art of teaching. Her knowledge combined with her experience in the profession provides new and veteran educators with many new insights and powerful tools to become more effective teachers. She is professional, fun and has a positive connection with her audience. You will enjoy working with students more after attending one of her trainings. More than that, you will be excited and confident about the difference that you can make in the lives of the children that you serve.
~Margarita Garcia, Education Programs Consultant, California Department of Education

An important mission of our school was to inform parents and faculty regarding effective and intelligent methods of parenting and to educate them about child development. On many occasions Teresa led trainings on these issues with elegant information, sensitivity and was able to beautifully engage her audience. Our teachers looked forward to her trainings without reservation. On every occasion they left with information that was useful in becoming better teachers and with increased knowledge and ability to guide their students toward academic success with social emotional intelligence. I recommend Teresa unconditionally as a brilliant and empathic lecturer and teacher.
~Jill Green, Founding Principal, Explorer Elementary Charter School

Teresa led us through a thoughtful discussion of Mindful Parenting. Her warm and attentive delivery set the stage for a thought provoking evening. She immediately connected with her audience and they with her as a parent and knowledgeable speaker. At the end of the evening, each participant left with immediate and practical examples of how to put theory into practice. We hope Teresa will return each year to share her knowledge!
~Sarah Hillier, Director, Hanna Fenichel Center for Child Development