Free Yourself

I don’t know about all of you but I often find many valuable lessons in the lyrics of well written songs.  One that I am constantly playing in my car these days is Living in the Moment by Jason Mraz.  This song embodies so much of what I try to practice on a daily basis and what I hope to pass on to my children and the clients that I work with.

Two parts in this inspiring song remind me of how powerful our thoughts are at shaping our experience in this world…Free Yourself from Worries

  1. “If this life is one act why do we lay all these traps, we put them right in our path when we just wanna be free.  I will not waste my days making up all kinds of ways to worry about all the things that will not happen to me.”

Worry is living in the future and it often only paralyzes us from being able to take action right now.  More importantly, it doesn’t prevent what we are worrying about from happening to us at a later date but it definitely drains us of any strength we have in this particular moment.  And, as Jason says in the song, so many times the things we end up worrying about never even come to pass!  What are you worrying about right now?  Is your worry giving you joy or sorrow?  Causing you to be strong or weak?  When we are able to truly let go of our worries we realize that we have much greater clarity on what to do in the here and now.  So try this:  Imagine each of your worries as a brick.  Visualize putting each brick labeled with your worry into a backpack.  Now, visualize putting the backpack on and carrying it around with you all day long.  Can you feel how heavy it is?  Right now, in this moment, I invite you to take the backpack off and set it down.  Don’t worry, it will always be there for you if you want to pick it back up and put it on again.  Just see how it feels to walk around without if for a while.

  1. “I’m letting go of the thoughts that do not make me strong and I believe this way can be the way for everyone.”

Are you holding on to painful thoughts that aren’t serving you?  Are you clinging to a story about your life that is preventing you from truly living the life you were meant to live?  Everything in life truly is possible for us, but it will not happen as long as we remain anchored in the belief that it is not possible.  It really is that simple.  What we believe, we create.  Our daily practice should be to work on the thoughts that do not serve us and in doing so we will uncover peace and joy.  A simple exercise is to think of a thought that is causing you pain right now (two themes that I often hear from clients are:  I’m not a good enough…parent, spouse, employee, daughter, etc.; and I’ll never…get married, like my job, have enough money, lose weight, etc.). Ask yourself this question: Who would I be without this thought?  Really, think about it.  If you could truly let go of this thought who would you be?  What adjectives come to mind?  Free?  Myself? Released?  Letting go of stories that we have told ourselves for years can take time, but it is absolutely possible and so very worth it.  You are the author of your own life.  What story do you want to write for yourself starting today?

PS:  Click to listen to Living in the Moment.  It puts a smile on my face every time I hear it and I hope it will do the same for you too.  And if Jason Mraz is coming to your town for a concert I would highly recommend it.  His concert was truly one of the best I’ve ever been to!

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