Educator Trainings

Educator Trainings

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

~Henry Brooks Adams

As a former teacher and school counselor, educators are near and dear to my heart. I have been inspired by so many gifted educators throughout the years and am now getting to marvel at the beautiful impact my childrens’ teachers have upon their lives. I take seriously the opportunity to work with my colleagues in this important field and make sure to include the latest and most relevant research in our trainings and discuss how it applies to issues that educators are facing in today’s classrooms.  Training offerings are listed below however, I welcome the opportunity to design custom trainings for any school site.

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1. How Mindset Affects Motivation, Effort, Self-Esteem and Academic Achievement

Scientists have recently discovered that individuals have more capacity for brain development then they ever thought was possible.  This new research around brain development and mindset explains why some students achieve far more than we could have imagined and why others consistently fail to perform to their full potential.  In this workshop, educators will develop an understanding of mindset and how it affects all areas of life, especially academic success.  Participants will learn effective strategies for helping all students develop a growth mindset which will dramatically influence their motivation, effort, self-esteem and academic performance.

2. The Impact of Our Words: Language that Helps Children Thrive

The language we use with children has a profound influence on their social and emotional intelligence and in how their brains become wired. This course will focus on the language practices that researchers and experts have found to have the most positive effects for children. Participants will learn how reframing some of their words can dramatically improve children’s behavior and help them become emotionally healthy individuals. We will discuss effective strategies for helping children develop positive attributes and strengths, deal with adversities and increase their overall fulfillment in life.

3. Helping Children Develop Social and Emotional Intelligence

Drawing on groundbreaking brain and behavioral research, this course shows how emotional intelligence can be nurtured and strengthened in all of us. Research has shown that a high level of emotional intelligence in children is one of the best predictors of both personal and professional success in the future. In this series, participants will explore different aspects of how to foster social and emotional intelligence in children. Educators will discover how to help children learn how to understand and regulate their emotional world, skills to guide children into making positive and productive decisions and ways to build and strengthen optimism in students.

4. Fostering Resiliency in Children

Resilient children are able to meet challenges with calmness and confidence whereas students lacking in resilience often struggle and become overwhelmed when obstacles come their way. In this course, participants will explore the research around what factors contribute to and build resiliency in young people. More importantly, educators will learn effective strategies for helping children face unexpected difficulties and how their daily interactions with students provide multiple opportunities to help children become more resilient beings.

5. Reducing Conflict and Creating More Harmony in Classrooms

In this course, participants will learn innovative ways to solve such common problems as how adults and children can deal with negative feelings, how to engage cooperation and avoid power struggles and how to help students feel heard, understood and validated. Ways to resolve conflict and encourage autonomy will also be addressed. In addition, participants will learn how to help children improve their self confidence, successful ways to problem solve with students, and effective alternatives to traditional discipline methods.