Corporate Wellness

corporate wellnessEmployees are a company’s greatest asset – they’re your competitive advantage.

~Anne M. Mulcahy, former chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation

Worksite wellness programs undoubtedly benefit both the corporation and employee. Numerous studies demonstrate that staff members who participate in wellness programs have an increase in productivity, morale and emotional and physical health. I offer a variety of services for corporations and am always happy to custom design a program to fit an organization’s needs.

Corporate Workshops     flower-small

How Mindset Affects Motivation, Effort and Success

Scientists have recently discovered that individuals have more capacity for brain development than they ever thought was possible. This new research around brain development and mindset explains why some individuals achieve far more than we could have imagined and why others consistently fail to perform to their full potential. In this workshop, employees will develop an understanding of mindset and how it affects all areas of life from professional success to personal happiness. Participants will learn effective strategies for developing a growth mindset which has been proven to dramatically increase productivity, motivation, self-confidence, morale and success.

Understanding Your Relationship with Money

There has been a wealth of research done around the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies and the evidence is very clear.  Put simply, what we believe we create.  And this is true in all aspects of life including our finances.  This talk will help participants uncover the deep-seated beliefs that they hold about money – and we all have them whether we are aware of it or not.  Participants will learn why some of their beliefs may be harming their financial life – both how money flows into it and the rate at which it flows out.  More importantly, participants will understand how to release their fears and negative feelings about their finances so that they can create a relationship with money that is healthy, positive and filled with ease.

Cultivating Happiness and Well-Being

We all yearn for a life filled with happiness yet so often we go after quick fixes and the short term boost we feel in well-being is not sustained. This talk will focus on the latest research that shows how to cultivate real, long lasting happiness and well-being. Based on years of studies done in the area of positive psychology, we now know specific elements that are essential in creating a life rich with happiness and well-being. This talk will focus on these essential elements and participants will explore how to cultivate each one in their own lives. Understanding and focusing on the factors that are necessary for true happiness and well-being will open the door to a life where we can flourish.

Creating the Life You Were Meant To Live

In our hectic lives, we often fall into autopilot mode – going through the motions of life without thinking about whether we are really creating the life we want for ourselves. This talk will allow participants to pause and assess where they are and where they would like to be going. Participants will discover how to remove roadblocks and obstacles that are preventing them from living a more meaningful, gratifying and exciting life. Living a life filled with joy is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves and others, and whether that life feels within our grasp or a million miles away, this workshop will provide the tools to get there one step at a time.

Individual Coaching     flower-small

Some of the most successful companies today, such as Google and Marriott, have coaches who hold regular drop-in hours for employees. These companies have realized that when they invest in their employees’ personal growth and success, the company thrives. As a Counselor and Certified Martha Beck Life Coach I work with many individual clients who have to leave work to come to an appointment with me. It is always a pleasure for me to provide individual coaching services to corporations where I know that both the employee and company will reap the benefits of the coaching services provided.

Parenting Classes and Support     flower-small

Having worked with hundreds of parents, a theme that I hear again and again is how parents’ productivity at work is affected when their child is struggling at home.  Parents say they are unable to focus and often spend time at work consulting others and researching solutions for whatever challenge they are facing.  Sometimes, parents are forced to miss work altogether to stay home with a child who can’t cope with going to school or daycare.

I am pleased to offer a variety of parenting services for corporations such as brown bag lunch workshops, small group support and one-on-one sessions.  All courses include the most current research pertaining to parenting and child development as well as practical strategies and applications.  Parents will leave each session with specific tools that they can begin to implement right away.

Click here for a full description of parenting courses that I currently offer.  I also welcome the opportunity to design custom workshops for any organization.

“Teresa’s services are nothing short of profound.  She has a way of connecting with others and providing clients with concrete strategies that they can use immediately.  There is no doubt that businesses get the benefit of having an employee who is more focused, productive and engaged at work.  I would recommend her without reservations.”

~Amy Blum, President, Eagle Marketing Services Inc.