I have two clients right now who going through similar situations.  They both are feeling somewhat unfilled in life.  They are looking for more meaning, especially in their careers.

Two individuals, who right now, are making two totally different choices.

Some people feel empowered by choice and others feel paralyzed.  Regardless of which group you are in, here are a few thoughts to ponder about whether the choices you are making are getting you to the life you want:


We can’t course correct when we are standing still.  Meaning, not making a choice is indeed making a choice to keep things the way they are.

Even when things happen to us that are beyond our control, we can always choose how we respond to the situation.  We can live believing that life is coming at us or live knowing that life is coming from us.

We are always making choices either out of fear or out of love.  We might not apply for our dream job because we are fearful of being rejected.  Or, we might go for it because we love ourselves enough to risk disappointment in order to achieve our dreams.

It’s helpful to think about what set of ramifications you are willing to deal with rather than what is the right/wrong choice.  I learned this one from my husband who loves the horse races.  He taught me that when choosing whether or not to bet on a horse, I should ask myself whether I’ll be more disappointed to place a bet and lose or to watch the horse I’ve picked win having not bet.  This theory works in all areas of life.  It’s a simple decision about what circumstances we are most willing to live with when we aren’t certain what the outcome will be.

After making your choice, if things don’t turn out the way you want them to then it needs to sting a little or you haven’t really chosen to go after what you really want.  This is yet another gem that my husband shared with me while we were at the horse races one day and while I chuckled upon first hearing this, I soon realized how absolutely right on he was.  I had been placing $2 bets all day and so losing wasn’t that big of a deal and frankly, winning wasn’t either.  I was playing it safe so as not to be disappointed.  When we do this in life, we end up with all things being mediocre when they could be spectacular if we would have taken a bit more of a risk.

Our life is like one big movie and we get to choose the plot.  We should take our role as director quite seriously and be careful of the stories we tell ourselves, because those stories will indeed become our lives.  When we work on the stories that do not serve us, we will uncover joy and peace.

What story will you choose to tell yourself today?

“Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.”

~Wayne Dyer



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