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A New School Year

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The start of a new school year can be filled with anxiety for many students as they are faced with a variety of new and challenging tasks.  Whether kids are trying to make new friends, learn a new concept in

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If you haven’t seen the Sisterhood of Motherhood video that’s been all over social media it’s definitely worth a watch.  The video is a campaign put out by Similac aimed at encouraging parents to support rather than judge one another. 

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I was sitting at a coffee shop yesterday and couldn’t help but overhear the conversation at the table next to me.  Two women were talking about how the holiday season is always such a busy time of year. Woman #1:

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Money, Money, Money

This month’s topic is not something I typically write about yet it has been coming up in so many conversations I’ve had with clients lately that I felt the need to address it. Money.  How do you feel about it? 

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Cultivating Optimism

Many people don’t know this but March happens to be National Optimism Month.  The research around optimism has exploded lately (there have been more studies done in the last seven years than in the previous twenty) and the results are

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