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What if I told you that one two minute activity a day could literally change the trajectory of your life?  Sound too good to be true?  Based on over a decade of research, we now know that it’s actually quite

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Parenting As a Team

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As parents we all know that our relationship with our spouse is transformed when we have children.  There is something magical about watching your partner engage and bond with your child.  Yet, those magical moments can quickly disappear if we

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The Cat in My House


By Alison Patton Alison Patton is an amazing mother, accomplished attorney, incredible writer (her work is often featured in the Huffington Post) and someone that I am fortunate to call my friend.  I’ve never had a guest blogger before but

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This summer marked another trip to Miraval for me – a place that I feel called to visit once a year for rejuvenation and self-discovery.  And I’ll do anything to make this trip happen (selling things on ebay, taking on

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