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Children and Discipline


If you are a parent, have you ever thought about what your long-term goals are for your child?  Or put another way, what are your hopes and dreams for your child?  I’m often asked to talk about discipline in parenting

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If you are a parent, you know that spring break season is upon us which hopefully means some lazy, carefree days with our children.  Yet often times, our days can feel anything but carefree because of our kids arguing over

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Parenting Guilt

Parenting Guilt

If you are a mother, you already know that you have the hardest job on the planet.  A job that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Yet even though so many of us recognize this, many mothers

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Parenting Manifesto

I recently read Daring Greatly by Brene’ Brown.  In it, Brown shares her parenting manifesto.  Reading it inspired me to think deeply about the values, dreams and goals I have as a parent.  My own parenting manifesto ended up as

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As we near Mother’s Day, I can’t help but reflect on all that I’ve learned from parenting my own two children and from having the great privilege of working with so many mothers through my private coaching and parenting classes. 

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