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Have you ever wondered why some individuals are able achieve amazing accomplishments while others are not?  While there are most likely a variety of factors at play, there is some powerful research on this topic that could have far reaching

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Children and Discipline


If you are a parent, have you ever thought about what your long-term goals are for your child?  Or put another way, what are your hopes and dreams for your child?  I’m often asked to talk about discipline in parenting

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Setting Kids Up For a Successful Summer

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Summer is my absolute favorite time of year and I’ve always thought about it as the season of opportunity for kids.  In summer, kids no longer have the social and academic pressures that they have been dealing with during the

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An Inspiring True Story


I have a dear friend whose story might sound like your own.  Robin was the type of person who played by all the rules throughout her entire life – from getting perfect attendance in elementary school to working sixteen years

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I have two clients right now who going through similar situations.  They both are feeling somewhat unfilled in life.  They are looking for more meaning, especially in their careers. Two individuals, who right now, are making two totally different choices.

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