Parenting As a Team

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As parents we all know that our relationship with our spouse is transformed when we have children.  There is something magical about watching your partner engage and bond with your child.  Yet, those magical moments can quickly disappear if we feel as if our spouse does not contribute equally in terms of parental responsibilities. Read more ›

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The Supreme Court’s ruling allowing for marriage equality to finally exist in this country was a very happy and momentous day.  It came just a few weeks shy of my own 15 year anniversary and so in honor and celebration of love, I am re-posting a blog I wrote a few years back.  I hope you enjoy!

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Setting Kids Up For a Successful Summer

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Summer is my absolute favorite time of year and I’ve always thought about it as the season of opportunity for kids.  In summer, kids no longer have the social and academic pressures that they have been dealing with during the school year which leaves room for growth and development in other areas.  Meaning, just like when we have a lot on our plate at work we might feel overloaded and have little mental and emotional space for other things, the same is very true for kids.  Even if our kids enjoy school, their brain can only focus on growth in so many areas at a time and once summer arrives, it provides a new opportunity for kids to make strides in areas that might have felt overwhelming to them during the school year. Read more ›

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If you haven’t seen the Sisterhood of Motherhood video that’s been all over social media it’s definitely worth a watch.  The video is a campaign put out by Similac aimed at encouraging parents to support rather than judge one another.  And while it does a great job of pointing out why it really is ridiculous to judge others’ parenting styles, what the video really got me thinking about was how harshly we often judge ourselves. Read more ›

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If you are a parent, you know that spring break season is upon us which hopefully means some lazy, carefree days with our children.  Yet often times, our days can feel anything but carefree because of our kids arguing over the topic of fairness.  Read more ›

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