An Inspiring True Story

I have a dear friend whose story might sound like your own.  Robin was the type of person who played by all the rules throughout her entire life – from getting perfect attendance in elementary school to working sixteen years for the same company in corporate America.

But in 2012 all of that changed.  Robin stopped playing it safe.  She had been aching for more adventure in her life and the aching finally grew so strong that she decided to do something about it.

She quit her job without having a new one in place and booked an apartment for a month in Switzerland.  As Robin likes to say, “I hiked and trotti biked the Alps, ingested an embarrassing amount of cheese, and never looked back.”

While traveling, Robin enjoyed taking all sorts of photographs and upon her return home she discovered how much she loved creating artwork from her photographs and designing one-of-a kind pieces of art that were inspired by her travels.  Friends and family marveled at her work and suggested she sell it and a business was born.

One of Robin's breathtaking photographs from Switzerland.

One of Robin’s breathtaking photographs from Switzerland.

Robin Goes To… is a business that Robin is completely passionate about and is a business that is alive because Robin took a risk and followed her dream.  Robin now shares her beautiful work at art shows, boutiques and her online store.  She travels for six weeks at a time immersing herself in new cultures and now blogs about her travels for those of us who want to feel like we are right there with her.  In between trips, she creates her travel inspired masterpieces.

Robin listened to her gut and her life was forever changed.

Exploring the rice fields in Indonesia.

Exploring the rice fields in Indonesia.

What is your gut saying to you?

What is it that you’re longing to do?

What is it that you simply want more of in your life?

And before you come up with all of the reasons why it is not the right time, why it is too impractical, or why it won’t work, just stop for a moment.  And think of Robin.  She had all of those same feelings too but instead of making decisions based in fear, she took a leap of faith and once she did, she “never looked back.”

If you aren’t ready to take a big leap, perhaps you can start with one tiny step.

What is one thing you can do today to begin to move towards the thing you desire?

Take that step and then take one more tomorrow.

And soon you’ll find that each step gets you closer to realizing a dream that you have for yourself.

You deserve it and only you can create the life you want for yourself.

In the words of Robin, “Here’s to all of us living the dream.  No matter what that dream is.”

Kayaking through the caves in New Zealand.

Kayaking through the caves in New Zealand.

“Having the courage to stand up and pursue your wildest dreams will give you life’s richest reward and life’s greatest adventure.”

~Oprah Winfrey


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